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3 Interior Design Trends To Follow This 2017

January 20, 2017

This January, it’s time to discuss upcoming home decor trends. With CNY2017 around the corner, it’s time to pick new furniture for the home, call a van and start moving the cool pieces into your home. Read for the top 3 interior trends for 2017.


Colour: Blue is the new black

Elle Decor suggests the 2017 colours that will be representative of your personality types. Regardless of your personality, blue is a universal colour that fits everyone. Dusky blue for the confident. Light blue-green for the composed. And, powdery blue for those who prefer the feelings of comfort.


Minimal Bathrooms: Less is always more 

Small, functional and beautiful will be the all the trend for furniture design, especially for the bathroom. The size of your bathroom pieces are being reduced to increase intimacy and introduce a sense of restrained elegance. Like they say, less is more. The Japanese has championed minimal design and we’re loving every moment of it.



Modular Furniture: Flexible is functional

Modular furniture system allows homeowners to mix and match elements. Nomadic furniture marries elegance and functionality which makes moving in and out of spaces hassle-free. Flexible, modular designs allow you to customise your homes to your every desire. GOGOVAN is a same day delivery service that allows you flexibility to book a van or lorry on-demand. For more details, please head to to place an order and start redecorating your home.

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