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Delivery Booking with GOGOVAN in 5 Easy Steps

July 10, 2017


With the introduction of smartphones, delivery has never been easier. GOGOVAN connects you to 15,000 drivers island-wide to meet your on-demand delivery and moving needs! This guide breaks down the booking process into 5 simple steps for you.

#1 Sign up/ Sign in as a GOGOVAN user




Sign up as our GOGOVAN user to save the hassle of re-entering all your details for subsequent orders!

#2 Select your preferred service/ vehicle type




Choose from GOGOVAN’s fleet of motorbikes, sedans, vans and lorries, depending on the size of your parcels and service required. For specific dimensions, refer here.

#3 Enter pickup and delivery addresses




Tip: Did you know that you can make an extra delivery stop before your destination stop by adding a waypoint?

#4 Specify pickup time and extra requirements




Extra requirements are subjected to extra charges. These charges will be added to the estimated fare before checkout, and double-checked with you by the driver before delivery.  Nonetheless, do provide as much information as possible in order for our drivers to better assist you.

Tip: Advanced bookings can be made up to a month before delivery.

#5 Review and complete your booking

Click the review order button to confirm your booking. You will receive a confirmation call from one of our drivers when your order is accepted. Prepare the payment in cash beforehand and await for the arrival of our GOGOVAN drivers!




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