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How To Ensure Parcel Delivery in 5 Steps

April 10, 2017

Traditionally, you refer to the Classifieds to look for a new job or a for a specific service provider for your home needs. Now, with the help of the Internet, there are listing sites that help you look for those. Today, you can access over 10,000 drivers around Singapore for your delivery needs. Read to see how delivery can now be a breeze.

#1 Know What Service and Vehicle You Need

For Document/Parcel(s)

Deliver Small Goods

If your items are smaller than the size of a shoebox, do select Delivery, then ‘Document’. We’ll send over a motorbike so we can have these delivered on time. All items will be delivered on the same day. Take note that all ‘Delivery’ service comes with complimentary door-to-door service.

For Large or Bulky Goods

Transport Large and Bulky Items

However, if your items are bulky, choose ‘Transport’. It will be good to know the longest length of your item(s). If it’s less than 2m, you may choose a van. For anything longer than 2.4m, we’d suggest getting a 10ft lorry to make sure that the item can fit, especially if you have multiple items.

Keen on trying the GOGOVAN app? Click here to download the app.


#2 Proper Packaging

Wrap it, seal it, label it, box it.

Some tips from us are to keep all loose things into one bag or box. Better yet, maximise mobility by putting them all into a luggage! To double up on safety, purchase wrapping plastic to prevent any form of scratches on the items.

The GOGOVAN App allow users to upload a photo of your items. This ensures that drivers are aware of the item that they will be picking up.



#3 Book the Delivery

Not too long ago, you had ask around for van or lorry contacts.

Even tedious, you had to call through the arduous list of numbers from the Classifieds. Right now? There is an app that lets you book a van, lorry and even a dispatch service! That’s GOGOVAN for you.


Some features:

  • Instant quotation
  • Access over 10,000 vehicles (bikes, vans and lorries)
  • Get a driver in under 60 seconds
  • Place an order whenever you need a delivery service
  • Request for additional labour
  • Make advanced bookings
  • Real-time tracking of driver location

Finally, you no longer have to worry if your package will be delivered or not. Just note that drivers do have to travel, so do give them a reasonable amount of time to get to you.

Book your delivery with the GOGOVAN App now!

#4 Get Confirmation

Once you’ve booked a van, just wait for your driver to arrive.


Time is precious, ensure you are ready before the driver arrives. If you’re using GOGOVAN to deliver items, you need to make sure that the person receiving the item is available to receive. Put in the correct contact details of yourself and the receiver so that the driver is able to contact the receiver.

#5 Back To Work

Our app provides an option for real-time tracking.


Once the driver has picked up your item(s), you will no longer have to fret over it. You will receive a notification upon completion of your order. ggv_app_ggv_cta


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