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Moving Guide 101 with GOGOVAN Part II

September 19, 2017

Moving furniture can be extremely stressful and troublesome. Keep these 7 tips in mind so that you can have an easier transition into your new home/office.

#1 Label all the boxes


By labelling boxes, you can locate your stuff with ease once you have moved in. As moving process can be messy and things might get lost, label all the boxes to save yourself the hassle of searching high and low for the stuff you are looking for.

#2 Take a picture of your place if you rent a flat

Camera-min-min (1)This is an important and essential step to prevent yourself from being charged with any unnecessary repair or damage fees from landlords. Before the actual moving process, take a picture of the flat and report any damages you discover before moving your furniture’s in.

#3 Saving on packing supplies

Money-min (1)Moving requires a lot of packing supplies especially carton boxes. To avoid incurring additional cost, you can source for used boxes in the offices, or from friends and family, or even get them from convenience stores.

#4 Pack all the essentials items a night before

shutterstock_268210403-minMoving will no doubt be a very tiring process and you might find yourself forgetting your stuff. Be sure to start packing your bag and essentials the night before the moving day. And not to forget, prepare yourself a comfy attire.

#5 Preventing leakage

WaterMake good use of re-sealable bags and prevent any leakage. Before you put all toiletries or seasoning bottles into carton boxes, remember to secure it in a re-sealable bag. This will prevent any liquids from leaking during the moving process.

#6 Defrost and clear the refrigerator.

shutterstock_303843791-minIf you do not want your new home to turn into a mess, remember to defrost the fridge at least a day before moving. Also, you should wipe up any water or liquid inside and outside the refrigerator.
#7 Prevent losing your furniture’s screws

Bolts-min In case you have to dismantle any furniture’s before moving, use a re-sealable bag to hold all the small parts (e.g. screws) to prevent it from getting lost.

Whether you are moving alone or require movers, GOGOVAN can meet your moving needs. Simply DOWNLOAD the app, BOOK your delivery/moving service and leave the rest to us!


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