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#GOGOGIFTING: Weekly Giveaway in December

December 30, 2015

Last year, we delivered free cookies. This year, we have three HUGE gifts to giveaway. What’s different about #GOGOGIFTING is that you’re winning the gift for someone else. If there is someone you want to surprise, join the giveaway and make someone’s day!

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The NEW Buzz Word…Urban Logistics


You’ve heard of UI/UX, now here comes UL. UL or Urban logistics is the new name that groups together the many fragments of goods transportation within a city. It may not sound sexy, but it touches your lives in more ways than you think. So what is exactly is urban logistics?

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Be Over The Moon with GOGOVAN + Giveaway


The Folk Story of Mid-Autumn Festival  Once upon a time in ancient China, there were ten suns in the sky scorching the Earth. Master archer Hou Yi shot down nine of them. He was presented with an elixir of immortality as a reward. However, he was not willing to become immortal without his beautiful wife, Chang-e. 

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Wine Within 90 minutes

September 15, 2015

We are working with our friends at wanderwine to deliver wine island-wide within 90 mins! Order your festive bubbly and wines, leave your party empty-handed and get it delivered straight to the party! Find out how?

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