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Save money with on demand delivery App

May 25, 2018

It is not difficult to find that international logistic giants just increased their annual rates by about 5%, if your business needs to deal with regular amount of delivery orders every day. While your competitors have to shift the cost to consumers, you can beat them up by offering discounts if you use GOGOVAN App.

Rates can vary dramatically

Please keep in mind that 4% to 5% increase is just an average. For FedEx, certain zones increased by 7%. For UPS, certain service UPS Ground increased by 6.9%. Additionally, both companies are increasing surcharges on things like address correction and rerouting. Therefore, the increase in rates can be far higher than 5%.

Complicated price quote without transparency

When you read up to here, you must want to know what is the exact price difference between 2016 and 2017. Sorry, you have to assign an employee to call their hotline or/and leave the requirement on their website to get the quote of every order. It is obviously another cost.

On demand van hiring is easy and cheap

To plan your yearly budget and save unnecessary cost, it is wise to manage your delivery orders with GOGOVAN by just a few clicks. Our price of vehicles hourly rental is fix and most of the additional charges are included in our simple price list. Get a quote now!

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GOGOVAN is an online logistics platform in Hong Kong that provide professional delivery service 24/7. You can hire a van by using GOGOVAN mobile app or website anywhere anytime.

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