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Why GOGOVAN is trusted by big brands like IKEA?

April 26, 2017

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The 4Rs – resilience, relationship, responsiveness and reliability are essential parts of the theory of Supply Chain Management. Companies that possess such qualities are deemed reliable and trustworthy by customers.


Resilience in the supply chain is to be able to cope with unexpected changes. Companies should be able to recognise the most vulnerable part of their supply chain – the last mile. The last mile delivery is highly susceptible to shocks caused by inflexible suppliers.

You can increase the resilience of your company by liaising with on-demand logistic companies, like GOGOVAN. With GOGOVAN,  you will be able to assign a driver to you within seconds if an unexpected delay on your end occurs.


GOGOVAN attaches great importance to the relationship with business clients. Trust is earned by international big names like IKEA, Muji and Samsung mainly because GOGOVAN can help these giants to enhance the following 3Rs – responsiveness, reliability and resilience.


Nowadays, the ability to quickly respond to customer’s’ requirements has become critical. Business models are evolving from Just in Time to Just in Case. Businesses have to be sensitive to the fluctuations of the customer’s demands.

GOGOVAN App allows you to hire a van in seconds which can enhance your responsiveness.


One of the major tackles a company meets is uncertainty about the suppliers’ ability to meet delivery promises. When you meet any obstacle in the aspect of delivery, GOGOVAN‘s strong customer service team is always ready to help.


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