Customised Logistic Solutions for Business

Take your business further with GOGOVAN

From point to point deliveries, store distributions to van rental service, GOGOVAN for Business provides a wide range of logistic services which are devoted to helping your business grow.

From short term to long term commitment, we have the following options to help your business become more efficient:

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Same Day Delivery


Courier service: Low volume of documents and small parcel delivery


Delivery service: Medium volume of big and bulky parcels to be delivered door-to-door

Lorry - 10ft, 14ft, 24ft

Delivery service: High volume of parcels to be delivered in a single trip. Moving service and office relocation service are also available.

Corporate pricing is available. Visit our GoGoVan for Business page for more details.


Grow Your Business

GOGOVAN for Business is a delivery management service designed to help you outsource deliveries. We promise quality standards in corporate delivery.

Benefits of delivering with GOGOVAN:

Mobile and web app available
Pay per use with no overheads
Real-time tracking of parcels
In-store kiosk allows self-booking of same day delivery, powered by the GOGOVAN app

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Customised Plan

Let us work together to help make logistics more efficient. Here are some ways businesses can use GoGoVan:

E-commerce with same day delivery API integration:

  • Furniture shops
  • Fashion/Blogshops
  • Electronics

Courier Documents and Small Goods:

  • Important documents
  • Corporate gifting
  • Print and publishing
  • Food and flowers

Transport Bulky Items and Moving Service:

  • Relocation of home or office
  • Scheduled weekly transportation of goods

For customised business solutions, get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you within 2-3 working days.