Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use GOGOVAN


GOGOVAN offers convenient and flexible same-day delivery services island wide – with the use of a mobile or web app. Within seconds, the app connects you with thousands of riders and drivers in Singapore.

To try GOGOVAN for yourself, download the mobile app available on Android and iOS. Alternatively, you may place an order on our Website.

Which service do I need for my goods?

Deliver Small Goods

For small goods such as documents and parcels. Delivery Service is inclusive of door-to-door delivery.

  • Choose a motorcycle, for goods within one parcel unit of a shoebox-size (up to 35cm x 25cm x 12cm) and under 3kg.
  • Choose a sedan car for documents and packages which adds up to the maximum dimension guidance of 70cm x 50cm x 50cm and a maximum weight of 20kg in total.

Transport Large and Bulky Items

For large or bulky goods, choose larger vehicles to give you more flexibility in the items you can transport. The base price for each of the vehicle types given below only includes the driver’s support of loading and unloading of items into and from the vehicle. Additional charge applies for door-to-door service.

Van: Suitable for a larger quantity of parcels and boxes, flower bouquets, plants, pets and furniture like single sized mattress, dismantled bed frame, and sofas up to 2.4m long.

10 ft Lorry: Suitable for transporting large furniture and household items like king-sized mattress, washing machine, fridge, etc.

14 ft Lorry/24 ft Lorry: Suitable for moving house/office or event-based transportation needs.

Placing An Order

How do I place an order?

There are two ways you can place an order:

  1. GOGOVAN mobile app – download the mobile app and start placing your order!
  2. GOGOVAN web app – key in the pick-up and drop-off points, choose the service, register and confirm the order

For corporate deliveries, please call our customer service hotline 6836-1110 and ask about GOGOBusiness. Alternatively, you may email [email protected] with your delivery requirements.

How do I know if my item is one parcel size?

One parcel size (35cm x 25cm x 12cm) is roughly the size of a shoebox.

Credit Card Payment

Credit card payment

GOGOVAN verifies your payment method by issuing a temporary authorization hold on your credit card once an order is placed. You may notice the holds listed in your account as “pending”.

Authorization holds are based on your base fare and are not charged to your account until the end of the ride. If the final fare is different than the amount held, then the initial held charge will be released and the correct amount will be charged accordingly.

If the order is cancelled, the authorization hold will be removed from your payment method and no charges will be made.

Supported credit cards:
– American Express
– Master card
– Visa card

Please call GoGoVan at 68361110 to inquire about any questions you may have that are not mentioned above.